What is an OG Tutor?
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What is an Orton-Gillingham Tutor?

* a person who enjoys children and wants to see them progress in a happy learning environment
* a person who is dedicated to making that happen and is prepared to undergo extensive training to make it a reality. The course consists of 45 hours of classroom instruction spread over a two year period and 100 hours of practicum under the guidance of our Tutor Trainer
* a person who is prepared to teach a child for one hour twice a week using the Orton-Gillingham approach
* a person whose greatest thrill is seeing the light come on in the child's eye when they understand what is being taught
* a person who enjoys seeing a child gaining a sense of healthy self respect and esteem especially after it has been damaged
* a person who is perhaps a retired teacher and who remembers why they wanted to be a teacher in the first place and wants to experience again the joy of seeing a child progress
* a person who, perhaps, is a young person entering the teaching profession and looking to add to their tool box this highly valued teaching designation to their resumé

What does the Learning Centre for Hamilton do?

* The Mission of the Scottish Rite Charitable Foundation Learning Centres for Children Program is: "to provide quality, state of the art, free remedial tutoring to children with difficulties in reading, writing, and related scholastic skills formally identified as Dyslexia.
* We accomplish this by enlisting volunteer tutors who we train, at our expense, in the Orton- Gillingham Approach to tutoring which is a tactile method of teaching utilizing the five senses.
* We do this in a safe and friendly environment for the children, tutors and other volunteers
* Children, once accepted into the program, are taught in the five level program over a period of up to three years in a sequential series of lessons, specially crafted to each child's needs, which builds upon what has been taught previously so that the child builds the strategies necessary to read, write and understand what is being communicated either in writing or orally.
* Children accepted into the program are two or three years behind their peers in reading, writing and comprehension when they enter the system and because of that they have experienced a difficult time in school both scholastically and socially. By the time they graduate from the program they have reached parity or higher with their peers and their self respect and esteem has been restored.
* Part of our mandate is to increase the number of people who have been trained in the O-G program so that the availability of help is more readily available to those suffering from Dyslexia. For this reason we do not insist that our trained tutors remain with us beyond three years but many do remain because of the enjoyment they receive from helping these children.