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Asking for assistance, even for the most worthy cause, is something that doesn’t come naturally for most, but the Shriners said it best, “No man stands taller than he who helps a child.”


You no doubt have heard about the Scottish Rite Charitable Foundation opening a Learning Centre in Hamilton to help Dyslexic children. So as to not beat around the bush, the center needs financial support to operate for the next five years. We currently have sufficient funds to renovate the home we have been provided, but require assistance from the community in order to open the doors for operation.


To be successful with this wonderful program, we are asking individuals to pledge an amount over the next five years, that will ensure we can help these children. The amount that you decide on, will generate a tax receipt for your benefit. If you consider your donation being spread over twelve months, your annual contribution although significant, becomes easier to justify.


Included is a form that allows for all sorts of flexibility when considering how you can help us help these children. Please do whatever you can, even if it’s a small amount, it will be appreciated.


If on the other hand you are able to make a difference, by submitting one of the larger choices, your contribution will be acknowledged in the appropriate manner in the Tutoring Home when completed.


Please consider helping at whatever level you feel comfortable, but we do need your assistance so please make a pledge to donate rather than ignore this request.


We thank you on behalf of all the Dyslexic children we are planning to help.

An official income tax receipt will be mailed to you. CRA# 753984129RR0001


Donations can also be made directly through Canada Helps by selecting which will generate a tax receipt.


Learning Centre for Hamilton Donation Form link


Learning Centre for Hamilton
148 George St.
Hamilton, ON L8P1E5